“If You Have Just 10 Minutes Today, I Will Set You Up With The Solid Income & Financial Security of ...”

“Ten (10) Personal *AutoBlogs

That Are Guaranteed To Make You
Up To $2,000.00 Every Week

Even If You Don’t Have A
Personal Computer, or
 Know How To Use One!”



* An AutoBlog is a powerful website blog built for you that will automatically receive new content to help you make the most commission money 24 / 7 – even while you’re asleep – even if you don’t own a personal computer, or know how to use one.


Dear Friend and Soon-To-Be AutoBlog Owner:

          This is not a misprint or mistake. If you have been searching far and long, for a totally different way to make great money from the web, then I’ve got some incredible news for you.

Here’s Why ...

“I Will Create and Set-Up Ten (10) Powerful AutoBlogs For You. This Will
Give You At Least Three (3) Ways To Make Instant Money From Every Blog Page.

Plus, I Will Give You Valuable FREE Hosting with Our Web Hosting Service.”

Your full ownership of these Ten (10) powerful new AutoBlogs is not to be taken lightly.  In fact, the potential to make instant income from the internet with blog websites has neverbeen greater in the entire history of the worldwide web.  Why is this so? It’s actually quite simple – standard (now old-fashioned) HTML websites do not notify or “ping” other websites when they receive new content. Other sites often don’t even notice their new content.         

Without the benefit of “pinging”, there is no automatic notification for these old-fashioned HTML websites to tell other sites to “come and visit us, and see our new content”. 

This is where the power of an AutoBlog site, notifies other blog websites so that ...

“Visitors Can Be Automatically Sent to Your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs
For Instant Commissions!”

That’s right, people are constantly searching for new content on the web and often will visit website blogs that contain new content every day.

But how do you make commissions from each of these visitors?  It’s quite simple when we set it up for you. Each of your blogs are set up to allow advertisers to automatically display an ad (or several ads), and you receive commission every time someone clicks on an ad. But, it gets even better because there are ...

“At Least Three (3) Ways To Make A Daily Income on Each Blog Page”

Number One (1): An automatic display ad can be placed across the top of each of your blog pages to earn you commission income. With no additional work on your part!

Number Two (2): An automatic display ad can be placed along the sides of each of your blog pages to earn you commission income. With no additional work on your part! 

Number Three (3): An automatic display ad can be placed across the bottom of each of your blog pages to earn you commission income.  With no additional work on your part, and additional affiliate ads can be placed in other places to earn you even more money!

“I Do All Of The Set-Up Work To Get Your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs On The Web – Prepared To Make An Automatic Daily Income For You”

Please Listen Closely. The best part is simply that you do not need a personal computer, or even know how to use one. I will do all of the initial set up work to get your 10 personal AutoBlog pages on the web.  You provide us with your set-up information and I will do the rest.

Did you know that All Blogs require hosting?  Some companies charge almost $300.00 per year just to host 1 blog website on their computers. But, I will host all Ten (10) of your blog pages for you absolutely FREE! Your Ten (10) personal AutoBlogs will then be prepared to make an automatic daily income for you - 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- even while you’re relaxing, on vacation or sound asleep!

But it gets even better because ...

“I Will Show You An Instant Method To Make Up To 20-30 Times More Money From Each Blog - Every Day That Your AutoBlogs Are On The Web”

What if I could show you an instant method to make up to 20-30 times more money from every AutoBlog (and every AutoBlog page!) each day that your blogs are on the web?  Would you raise your hand and say YES! If I were in your shoes, I know that I would. Well it’s actually quite a simple process once you are set up for affiliate sales through some of the biggest affiliate website gateways on the web. And the setup is a snap.

For example, let us take one of the largest affiliate commission websites today.  Who am I talking about? None other than Clickbank®. This incredible company has quietly paid out over $2,000,000 (that’s 2 billion dollars) in commissions to (so far) its affiliate members. These are people just like you that have signed up to promote one (or more) of the thousands of instant downloadable ebook and software products on Clickbank®. You can check them out at: www.clickbank.com

Another prime example is Amazon®.  This company began in the early 1990’s primarily as a hardcopy book seller, but has quickly branched out into all sorts of products from music to electronics to cameras to housewares, etc. They have setup a fantastic affiliate program that will allow you to make huge commissions by referring sales to their webpages. You can check them out at: www.amazon.com

And there are even more big affiliate commission sites (such as commission junction® at:www.commissionjunction.com).  The list is honestly too big to fit in this letter! But the important thing to remember is that once you are set up, all it takes is one referral sale to make an instant affiliate commission. And your blogs can do this over & over again – all day long – 24 hours / 7 days – and even while you sleep!


“Now, Here are Sample Pictures of Two (2) Beautiful Income-Generating Autoblogs”



 BestHotBuzz Diet





Can you see how beautifully designed AutoBlogs just like these can generate a fabulous monthly income for you?  If you can’t, then let me explain it one more timeā€¦

At the top of each blog page is an automated banner ad that your new account can provide you with your monthly share of the advertising income that each blog page generates!

It is entirely “hands-off” once the blog is in place and you never have to touch it to provide you with your monthly share of the advertising income that is generated by each blog page!                                                                                         

“Unlimited Upgrades To Your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs with Thousands (1,000’s) of FREE Upgrade Plug-Ins”

Did you know that there are literally thousands (1,000’s) of FREE upgrade plug-ins available from the company WordPress that can be downloaded and installed on your Auto Blogs in seconds?  This can be done with a few clicks of button on a computer mouse.

These FREE upgrade plug-ins can have an enormous impact on the profitability of your AutoBlogs.  However, not all plugs-ins are worthwhile. I will recommend (and can install) what I consider to be only the best plug-ins for your AutoBlogs.

“All of The Money From Your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs
Goes Directly To You”

I will do the all of the set-up needed to get your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlog pages on the web.  However, because I will set up each AutoBlog with your information, all of the instant commission money will come directly to you.

It doesn’t matter what you need the money for (or even how much money you need) – instant commissions can occur in many different amounts – all the way up to $2,000 (or more) per week.  But, let me repeat - all of the instant commission money that your AutoBlog pages generate will come directly to you – I do not receive a dime of this money. The sooner that I receive your request, the sooner I can get your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs set up and prepared to make an excellent income for you!

“How Can I Offer All of This To You For One Low Set-Up Fee?" 

That’s a very good question with a clear, straight-forward answer. What I have done is developed a Specialized AutoBlog Process that will allow me to set up all of your Ten (10) Personal Auto-Blogs quickly on our website hosting service. This can optimize the ability for people to find each of your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlog pages.


What does this mean?  Just one thing.  The more people who see (and come to your) AutoBlogs, the greater the instant commission income potential of each blog that you have working for you to make you money 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


“You Have My 100% Money-Back Guarantee" 


I am completely confident that you will be able to start making up to $2,000 per week (or more) with the Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs I will set-up for you. So, you have my 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  If you don’t start making great money from your Ten (10) Personal AutoBlogs, you can receive a complete 100% refund of your set-up fee.  With my No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain – so don’t delay, send in your request now before we are overloaded with AutoBlog requests and are forced to suspend this offer.  

Yours For AutoBlog Income,


                                                                  Art Robertson

   Art Robertson




P.S. Sign up today and you’ll get FREE hosting on all 10 AutoBlogs.  Some companies charge as much as $300.00 per year just to host one (1) blog website on their computers. But you get this FREE!


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee




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